Solid & digital analytics


We have set up a proof-of-concept to experiment with the principles of Solid pods for storing and reading browsing behaviour data. The idea was to set-up a mock-up news website (our inspiration was, that would ask the user to authanticate with his or her pod, in order to get personalized news suggestions.
The demo is a static website hosted on Netlify, and we're not storing any data elsewhere.
Visit demo website
Note: the demo website is a static mockup website based on the VRT NWS website. This is solely for demo purposes, we are not in any way affiliated to the brand and we are not responsible for the content of the website. The code samples we are sharing in our developer guide are not from VRT NWS, but are 'plugins' that we've added to this demo website and are free for you to use in your own projects.

Writing data to the pod

We showcased that it is possible to write data from someone's browsing behaviour to a personal pod. By changing the endpoints in your tracking library (after asking for the right permissions off-course), you can store information about viewed pages and other interaction events in the user's pod.

Reading data from the pod

Offcourse, you don't just want to store data in someone's pod. You also want to provide value to the user by putting that data to work. In our proof-of-concept, we created a (very basic) recommendation engine that goes through the historic data and comes back with a number of recommended articles for that specific user.

How to get started?

Interested to try out the Solid concept within a digital analytics context?
These are the things you need to take into account:
Go to our Developer Guide for more detailed steps to get you started.